company-profileKinesis Maritime Co. is a modern ship management company, with highly experienced personnel.

The Company was established in 2018 and since then it has been constantly upgrading and expanding its fleet.

Kinesis Maritime Co. is committed to provide high quality services to the shipping industry, by continuously meeting all international rules and regulations, whilst fulfilling every customer’s demands. Above all, it has established protecting measures regarding human life, environment and assets. This is achieved by establishing and implementing managerial and operational processes which have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and long lasted experience in the shipping industry.

Kinesis Maritime Co. operates a comprehensive Ship Management system which offers its principals, all required services including: operation, technical, chartering, brokerage, recruitment, catering, supplies, claims, financial, commercial, insurance and bunkering.

This full range of services is supported by Kinesi’s direct connection with major Shippers, Brokers, Traders, Suppliers, Agents and Insurers world-wide to ensure constant employment of Ships. The Services include negotiation, execution, financing and accounting for single Voyager or Time Charter, or Contracts of Affreightment.